YOPE Module Lessons

Here is what, you're going to learn

The YOPE Learning Portal has four updating video modules. They are comprehensive yet easy to understand and fun to watch!



Budgeting Module

[19 minutes]
  • How to split your finances
  • Real examples of how to split your finances
  • Maintaining your budget
  • Organizing your bank accounts


Debt Module

[17 minutes]
  • Your credit report and your credit score
  • FAQ about your credit report and your credit score
  • How to pay off debt
  • How to tackle student loans
  • How to handle accounts in collections


Saving Module

[15 minutes]
  • Your emergency fund
  • How to boost your emergency fund and your saving
  • Get your money growing


Investing Module

[34 minutes]
  • What is investing and why do we do it
  • What to invest in
  • Bonds
  • Stocks
  • What is the stock market
  • Mutual Funds
  • ETF’s
  • Index Funds
  • 401k’s and 403b’s
  • IRA’s
  • Your Portfolio


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