Answers to your questions about YOPE

We want you to have a complete understanding of what we do. So here are the answers to the most common questions we’re asked about YOPE.


What is YOPE?

YOPE is a personal finance club. Members have access to a 2-hour video curriculum, an assigned Financial Consultant, workshops on building passive income and exclusive remote opportunities to make money.


How much does YOPE cost?

YOPE membership is $59.99 a month. Cancel anytime.


What do I do after I sign up?​

FIRST, schedule a FREE 30-minute meeting with your assigned YOPE Financial Consultant. SECOND, visit The YOPE Learning Portal and watch The Budgeting Module. NEXT, register for member events you like and check out the remote opportunities available. THEN, look out for weekly notifications about more events, opportunities and payouts for referring.


What is the YOPe learning portAL?

YOPE has created four video modules harnessing the fundamentals of personal finance. The Budgeting Module, The Debt Module, The Saving Module, and The Investing Module will keep you up to date on ideal financial habits.

Who are YOPE Financial Consultants?

YOPE is staffed with experienced and knowledgeable Financial Consultants from the investment, real estate, debt relief and accounting fields. Each YOPE member is assigned a dedicated Financial Consultant based on their financial needs.


Can I schedule an appointment with my Financial Consultant whenever I want?

Absolutely! Each YOPE member has up to 30-minutes every week to chat with their assigned YOPE Financial Consultant.


How do the workshops benefit me?​

Members learn how to start and grow their side-hustles as well as how to build their online presence.



How do members make money?

By participating in member polls and primarily through our $10 referral program. Refer someone and receive $10 every month your referral remains a YOPE member.


Does YOPE do investing for me?

No. YOPE teaches you what to invest in and what to consider through our Investing Module

What do I do if I have a Financial Advisor already?

YOPE Financial Consultants are big fans of collaboration, so use both! First, learn what to invest in and what to consider from The Investing Module. Next, bounce investment strategies and weigh suggestions from your YOPE Financial Consultant. Then, walk right into your current Financial Advisors office and execute your plans with confidence!


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